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Dear Soon-to-be Record Label Entrepreneur,
If you want to start your own record label but thinks it’s confusing and difficult and looking for someone who can actually help you, then you’ve come to the right place.Here you’ll find out exactly how you can start an indie record label in any genres of music including country music, reggae, rock, hip hop and rap music.

Our Step By Step Rap Record Label Start Up Guide Teaches You Just How to……. Start A Record Label from Scratch.

  • How to make Record Industry Contacts.
  • How to become a SUCCESS in the Music Biz.
  • How to Write up A business Plan For Your Own Record Label.
  • How to Legally Setup Your Own Record Label.
  • How to Legally Trademark, Copyright and protect your Music.
  • How to secure & Sign The Hottest Artist Around.
  • How to Find & Scout Talent On and Offline.

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My step by step guide has up-to-the-sec record label success tips, the latest advice, updates and reviews from the music biz”

But… before learning how to start and run your own record label ,starting your very own record label, you need to give structure to chaos, and create a clear plan for success that anyone with ambition and proper financing can apply. Running a label isn’t difficult,it just takes understanding, experience, organization, and timing–most of all proper timing. It’s your money and your future, so why not do it right? Plus you should know all the insider secrets, tips and tricks without which it is nearly impossible to succeed. Hey…don’t worry man! That’s why I am here… I will help you save your time and money by my guide: “How to Start a Record Label”.


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Jerky J ,Richmond CA, United States

Plus you should know all the insider secrets, tips and tricks without which it is nearly impossible to succeed. Hey… don’t worry man! That’s why I am here… I will help you save your time and money by my guide: “How to Start a Record Label”.

Who Am I And How Can I help

I’m a retired Record Executive turned Music Business consultant with 20 years of Entertainment lawyer experience from New York City. I’ve penned down everything there is about starting a record label into this over 100 pages e-book. It will take you by the hand and guides you step by step through what’s involved in starting an independent record label of your own and will help you to become a BIG FISH of the record label business.

I’ve written this e-book in a simple and easy to understand language with vital advice, helpful tips and proven techniques that show you exactly what you need to become the next Artista Records or even Universal Record Label and market yourself as a top-notch record label executive!

Unlike other e-books, this e-book is guaranteed to get you started and help you succeed in record label business. This ultimate record label guide will provide information and advice on everything you should know to start your own record company and run it successfully. It will show you how to start your own record label business, retaining lawyers and accountants, what to include in your business plan, how to construct budgets, what to look for in an artist and how to sign one, the ins and outs of artist contracts, what to seek in a distributor, and how to develop a marketing plan that can market your music effectively.

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Our Step by Step Rap Record Label Guide includes These many Features & Benefits to you…

This comprehensive record label guide is your road map to success and offers information on the following:

  • Everything there is to know about owning a record label such as what you know before starting and exactly where to start from!
  • Step by step instructions on legally establishing your record label!
  • Comprehensive discussion on the most important aspects of your record label and its type!
  • Estimation of required start-up cost, advice on where to find the investors and more!
  • Tips and advice on establishing your record label business!
  • Details on different aspects of releasing CDs including the technical aspect of making CDs!
  • Helpful tips and advice on making money and spreading word-of-mouth for your music!
  • Various proven ways of publicity that will push your artist, and your label, right into the center of attention!
  • Everything about radio stations, from how they run to who works there!
  • A complete guide to forming a radio promotion plan!
  • Importance of promotional tours for grabbing media attention and expose your artist to new fans!
  • Complete list of the pros and cons of being small in a very big business!
  • Explanation of a distributor and the importance of distribution for your record label business!
  • Things to look for in order to finding the right distributor for your label!
  • Details of how it all works with the distributors!
  • Guidance on paying royalties and negotiating artists’ royalties! Know what you need to consider when calculating royalties!
  • Guidance about various aspects of wheeling and dealing your business such as contracts, deals, letters and other massive amounts of paperwork!
  • Guidance on some other major business aspects!
  • Bonus information that will help you with the details of your record label business, such as CD pressers, radio stations, and how to write great promotional pieces!
Our Step by Step Rap Record Label Guide includes ALL of the above Features & Benefits to you…Plus much More.
“Homie, I’m keep it 100 5 wit you,you know I was a bit skeptical at first, but I thought to give it try and good for both of us after reading your e-book, I realized how simple it actually was to start a rap record label. I can’t thank you enough for this incredible resource!
Mike D, Newark, New Jersey
Due to the overwhelming popularity of our guide

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our guide, we are over-booking our Industry Contacts & Record Labels Vendors.Revealed in our record Label Start-up Guide! Unfortunately, we can not offer this to many more people. I am really sorry about this but the offer is extremely limited!

As a result, I will only offer this program to ONLY 25 more participants! After which time, Our How to start a Rap Record Label Guide will no longer be available. I apologize in advance for anyone that can’t participate. Please Keep in Mind this is To Only Insure that Only Serious Individuals Have access to Our Guide……

Imagine What You’ll Be Up To After Reading This Amazing Guide…



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How To Start An Independent Record Label

How to Start and Run Your Own Record Label

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Rap & Hip Hop A&R Contacts

  • You’ll be one of the few lucky people who actually live their dreams!
  • You’ll fire your boss, quit your job and leave the boring life of the 9 to 5 grind!
  • You’ll be a record executive!
  • You’ll enjoy lifestyle, money and freedom!
  • You’ll have a lot of fans and strong fan support. You’ll know how to set up an attention-getting tour that will bring you profits and recognition for your label and your artists!
  • You will have an insider’s edge on the music industry!
  • You’ll know how to get songs on the radio!
  • You’ll know how to court the radio stations!
  • You know what it takes to launch a successful radio promotion!
  • You’ll get a lot of attention know the different ways to market your release!
  • You’ll be fully equipped to run your own record label.
  • You’ll create a quality CD. You’ll know who to go to when it comes to making the best possible product for your record label, at a price that you can afford!
  • You’ll make money by selling your records because you’ll know the ins and outs of selling CDs and how to get it into Stores!
  • You’ll be well versed about the legal aspects of your record label business such as choosing a lawyer, copyrighting your music!
  • You’ll know how to get a lot more of your music in a lot more places than simple marketing techniques!
  • Your income will expand as you’ll be selling your release worldwide!
  • You’ll be a successful record label executive who will never make any costly mistake and will protect your business interests!
  • You’ll know how to keep people buying from you and wanting more from your label!

Thinking About The Cost Of This “How To Start A Record Label Guide”?

I absolutely LOVED this guide… You have revealed very useful information that is needed to set up and profit from a record label. I really liked the whole guide but chapter 6 just blew my socks off. It gave such helpful tips and advice that only experience can teach.”
Tito “Lil Chico” Perez.Miami, FL

Good Look My Yuth… this e-book answers all the questions I had in mind. I am sure I am well on my way to start a record label. Thanks GIO for such a clear and concise e-book!”I will be on my way to start a Culture Reggae Record Label Here in London & Kingston JA. BLESS!!!”
William Rude Bwoy. Perry III , London UK

Before I answer your thoughts. Let’s first discuss a few things…

Just think of all the costly mistakes that you would make if you do not have a road map to starting your own record label.

Now imagine how much profit you could reap by starting your own record label, using the step-by-step, easy to follow techniques with proven advice that I have presented in my e-book.

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To Sum it Up this is what you can expect from our Guide
  • Getting radio play!
  • How to market your release?
  • Where to press up your CDs?
  • How to get it into stores?
  • How to choose a lawyer?
  • How to copyright your music?
  • How to own your own masters? (Masters and publishing are the valuable assets of your product)
  • How to find a distributor?
  • How to sell outside the US?
  • How to set up a promotional tour?
  • How to get a bar code?
  • What BDS and Sound Scan are and why you want and need them?
  • How to avoid costly mistakes?
  • How to get people to buy your CDs?
  • Start A Record Label from Scratch?
  • How to make Record Industry Contacts?
  • How to become a SUCCESS in the music Biz?
  • How to Write up A business Plan For Your Own Record Label?
  • How to Legally Setup Your Own Record Label?
  • How to Legally Trademark, Copywrite and protect your Music?
  • How to secure & Sign The Hottest Artist Around
  • How to Find & Scout Talent On and offline
  • Plus Much Much More!!!!!!!!!


Let’s Have A ‘Sneak-Peak’ Into The Ultimate Record Label Guide…


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If you’ve come so far on this page it clearly shows your strong gumption to start your own record label. What’s left is to order and get started right away. I hope to hear your success story soon. J

To Your Own Record Label,

Gio Willams

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